Sisu is a liquorice pastille flavoured by secret Sisu-aroma that was launched in Finland in 1928.


Family De Vries started producing peppermint in 1902. In 1922 they thought it would be successful to start using a brand name for their peppermint, so they did and KING was born.


Mynthon is the leading pastille brand in Finland, where it was launched in 1976.

Läkerol Dents / Läkerol DentaFresh

. Läkerol Dents is the most delicious way to take care of your teeth. Läkerol DentaFresh – a smart habit for stronger teeth.


Läkerol is a classic brand and the tastiest refresher for all occasions. The firs box was sold in 1909.

Cloetta’s offer

Cloetta is manufacturing and marketing sugar confectionery, chocolate products, pastilles and chewing gum. In total, Cloetta products are sold in more than 50 markets worldwide.