The history of Ahlgrens bilar

The year was 1885 and the place was Gävle. In this small Swedish city, a driven entrepreneur named Fredrik Ahlgren was out for a walk, thinking about buying a paint and wallpaper business together with his brother Adolf. Little did he suspect what lay ahead some 100 years into the future.

The history of Kexchoklad

Kexchoklad is one of Sweden’s best loved chocolate products and the single largest product on the Swedish confectionery market. Kexchoklad® is an active classic that has enhanced everyday life for the Swedish people since 1938.

Consumer contact Sweden

We are proud of our products and would like to have pleased and satisfied consumers. Cloetta’s swedish sales department is located in Malmö, Sweden.


Läkerol is a classic brand and the tastiest refresher for all occasions. The firs box was sold in 1909.

Ahlgrens bilar

Ahlgrens bilar is a fruit flavoured foam that a large majority of the Swedes love and enjoy.


Cloetta holds a strong leadership position in the Swedish market with number 1 positions in sugar confectionery, candy and pastilles.