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Cloetta launches a new sustainability agenda and commits to the Science Based Targets initiative

Cloetta’s new sustainability agenda, A Sweeter Future, reflects a heightened ambition and the company’s purpose. Demonstrating an increased engagement, Cloetta joins the internationally renowned Science Based Targets initiative, and sets clearer goals for its long-term work to reduce the company’s total carbon footprint.

The new sustainability agenda reflects Cloetta’s purpose, “We believe in the Power of True Joy”, and includes three key areas: for you, for people, and for the planet. The initiatives within the sustainability agenda cover topics all across the value chain where Cloetta has the ability to make an impact.

For You: focuses on consumers and products
By 2025, Cloetta’s product offering should include an increased amount of options that belong in a modern society — more natural ingredients, vegan options, sugar-less and sugar free options and functional ingredients. Currently, approximately 20% of Cloetta’s sales is sugar-less or sugar-free and around 15% is vegan.

For People: focuses on employees, people in the supply chain, and society
By 2025, Cloetta will actively expand its partnerships to improve the socio-economic and living conditions in the supply chain.

For the Planet: focuses on improving our environmental impacts
By 2025, Cloetta will reduce its total carbon footprint by 30% using 2019 as the baseline year.

To deliver on these targets, Cloetta’s sustainability strategy brings a unique approach by placing the needs of the current and future consumer at the center.

“Consumers are at the heart of our company and our purpose. By integrating the lead of our sustainability work into the marketing organisation, we bring the discussion and impact closer to our consumers and naturally integrate it into our brand and business plans”, says Thomas Biesterfeldt, CMO of Cloetta.

Climate Action is one of the initiatives that demonstrates Cloetta’s increased ambition. In 2020 Cloetta decreased its emissions per tonne of produced product by 28%. Furthermore, Cloetta also joined the Science Based Targets initiative, which supports companies to set ambitious emission reduction targets consistent with keeping the temperature increase well below 1.5°C. This is aligned with The Paris Agreement.

“While we raise our sustainability ambition and set Science Based Targets for 2025 and 2030 at Cloetta, it’s ever more important to align our targets with the global effort to reverse climate change. A Sweeter Future has an approach that requires our stakeholders across our value chain to get involved in the ambitious journey to create real impact”, says Henri de Sauvage Nolting, CEO of Cloetta.

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