Cloetta continues to launch products that provides consumers with a choice. This includes alternatives in the form of sugar-free products, products with less sugar and products that are naturally free from sugar. Cloetta also launches products without gelatin or milk-based ingredients and continues it work to remove artificial flavourings and colourants from the assortment.


Cloetta acquires Candyking, a leading pick & mix supplier in the Nordics and the UK, and Parrot´s pick & mix of natural snacks and assorted nuts. Cloetta Italy is sold to Katjes International (Sperlari, Saila, Dietor, Galatine and Dietorelle) including four italian production units.


Cloetta acquires Lonka, a Dutch company producing and selling fudge, nougat and chocolate.


Cloetta acquires The Jelly Bean Factory, an Irish company producing premium jelly beans.
Cloetta acquires Nutisal, a leading Swedish company within dry roasted nuts.


Cloetta acquires the Brittish candy company Goody Good Stuff – gummy candy with only natural ingredients.


On 15 February 2012 the Annual General Meeting approved the merger between Cloetta and LEAF.


In February 2009 Cloetta was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


In July 2008 the shareholders in Cloetta Fazer passed a decision in principle to approve the demerger of Cloetta Fazer. The operations in Cloetta Fazer were thus divided into two companies: Fazer Confectionery, which had become a division of the Fazer group, and Cloetta.

Between 2005 and 2008 LEAF sold or restructured its operations in several countries, including Poland, Russia, North America and France, to strengthen the focus on its main markets and own brands.


In 2007 Cloetta Fazer AB acquired Karamellpojkarna in Alingsås with the brands Extra Starka, Hemkola, Fruktklubbor and Fünf Kräuter.

In 2007 LEAF completed the construction of a new production unit in Slovakia. In the same year LEAF acquired Cadbury Italy, including the brand Saila.


In 2006 LEAF sold the North American brand Swedish Fish and, as part of a restructuring process, closed the business and production unit LEAF Russia.


In 2005 CVC and Nordic Capital acquired CSM’s confectionery division, which changed name to LEAF. An extensive restructuring and refocusing of the company was started.


Cloetta divested its Handel business area, with operations in trading of fast-moving consumer goods.

CSM’s brand portfolio was expanded with brands like Dietorelle and Dietor through the acquisition of Socalbe in Italy.


Cloetta merged with the Fazer group’s confectionery division to form Cloetta Fazer.

CSM acquired the confectionery company Continental Sweets and thereby strengthened its position primarily in France and Belgium, but also in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


Malaco and LEAF were merged through CSM’s acquisition of LEAF from Huhtamäki.


Cloetta acquired Candelia, including the brands Polly and Bridge.


CSM acquired Malaco Sweden from Freia Marabou, which was at that time a unit of Kraft Jacobs Suchard, a division of Kraft General Foods.


Cloetta’s class B share was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Reppe AB was sold to Lantmännen. Reppe had been acquired at the end of the 1800s and was of major financial significance for Cloetta.


CSM acquired Ahlgrens, with Läkerol as its foremost brand, from Huhtamäki’s confectionery division LEAF.


CSM, a Dutch sugar and food products company, acquired Red Band and Venco from the family-owned company Verenigde Dropfabrieken.


In the 1980s and onwards, Cloetta acquired a number of food product companies and among other things owned a business area for starch products and another for trading operations during these years. As a result, Cloetta was one of the Nordic region’s leading trading houses for fast-moving consumer goods at the end of the 1990s.


The leading chewing gum brand Sportlife was launched in the Netherlands.


Launch of Dietor, today the leading sweetener in Italy.


Launch of Mynthon in Finland.


Choklad-Thule was merged with Cloetta. Popular brands from Choklad-Thule include Tulo, Mums-Mums, Sportlunch and Romerska Bågar.


Launch of Galatine, a responsible, healthy and traditional brand in Italy.


Launch of Polly, today the leading chocolate bag on the Swedish market.

The Chewits brand was launched in the United Kingdom.


Launch of the chocolate brand Tupla in Finland.


Launch of the world’s most sold car – Ahlgrens bilar car-shaped marshmallows.


Launch of Jenkki, the now leading chewing gum brand in Finland.


The well known Center chocolate roll was launched in Sweden.


Launch of Kexchoklad, today Cloetta’s flagship product in Sweden.


Launch of Saila, a pastille that has become an Italian hero in the last century.


Launch of LEAF’s brand Red Band.

Launch of Sisu pastilles, a national treasure in Finland.


Launch of LEAF’s largest brand Malaco.


Many of today’s well known brands were launched in the first half of the 1900s. The slogan “Choose right – choose Cloetta” was created in 1921.


Svenska Chokladfabriks AB took over the majority shareholding in Cloetta from the Cloetta family. The company was owned by the Svenfelt family, which still has major ownership interests in Cloetta.


Launch of the well known brand Läkerol in Sweden.


Cloetta moved its manufacturing to a new factory at Malfors in the parish of Ljung. The community was named Ljungsbro and has been the primary base for Cloetta’s production facilities since that time.


Launch of Venco, the now leading brand of liquorice in the Netherlands.


The Cloëtta brothers also opened a factory in Malmö and were thus the first to introduce industrial production of chocolate in Sweden.


Three Swiss brothers, Bernard, Christoffer and Nutin Cloëtta, founded the company “Brødrene Cloëtta” for manufacturing of chocolate and confectionery in Copenhagen.


Launch of Sperlari, the now leading brand of seasonal confectionery in Italy.



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