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Consumer trends

Cloetta continuously monitors market trends at macro and micro levels through market research, category and trend reports, social listening and various trackers. Keeping track of trends provides valuable information for us to feed into the development of new ideas and concepts.

For more information read our most recent Annual and Sustainability Report. 

Greater individualisation

Consumers increasingly wish to satisfy their individual needs. This means that they want the option of both choosing products, and also having access to products and services that are individualised and can be adapted to different occasions.

Responsibility for the environment and human rights

One of the key trends is the interest in the impact of food production on the environment and the social conditions of the producer. Suppliers have responded to consumer demand for information; above all in terms of the origins of raw materials, the farmers’ working conditions, quality and farming methods, by introducing different types of labelling and certification.


Consumers are increasingly looking for natural raw materials with positive health benefits. Additives of various types and artificially produced substances are being questioned in favour of natural ingredients. E-numbers are being replaced with the name of the additive in plain language. Natural sugar and natural sweeteners like xylitol and stevia are preferred to artificial sweeteners. Less sugar and fewer calories is another important aspect that consumers are demanding.

Local, genuine and transparent brands

Local brands with a strong history are favoured by consumers. This became even more apparent during the pandemic, when consumers reverted far more to traditional and familiar brands. Authenticity and transparency are key for brands to deliver in order to earn consumer trust.

Superior sensory experiences

With the increased exposure to social media platforms where consumers share consumption experiences, and the need for affordable escapism, consumers are seeking heightened sensory experiences from their food. This is driving companies to regularly launch exciting new flavours and textures.

E-commerce and digital channels increasingly important

E-commerce is in general growing across all sectors, including the grocery retail trade, and growth was fueled further by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite turbulent times in 2022 and 2023, grocery e-commerce is midterm expected to grow to a significant size in several key markets. Online sales in confectionery are still lower than for other consumer product categories, but have more than doubled in Cloetta’s core markets compared to before the pandemic.