Share capital and share history

Cloetta’s share capital amounts to SEK 1,443,096,495. The total number of outstanding shares amounts to 288,619,299 comprising 5,735,249 A-shares and 282,884,050 B-shares. The total number of votes amounts to 340,236,540.

The quota value is SEK 5 per share. Each A-share entitles to ten votes, and each B-share entitles to one vote at shareholders’ meetings.

All shares entitle to equal participation in the company’s profits. The A-shares are subject to a pre-emption provision.

Development of share capital

YearEventIncrease in
share capital
share capital
Increase in
no. of shares
Total no.
of shares
2017No changes    
2016No changes    
2015No changes    
2014No changes    
2013No changes    
2012Rights Issue493,729,5001,443,096,49598,745,900288,619,299
2012Issue in kind825,934,620949,366,995165,186,924189,873,399
2011-2012Conversion of convertible debenture loan2,836,395123,432,375567,27924,686,475
2008Bonus issue, quota value of share changed from SEK 4 to SEK 520,595,980120,595,980-24,119,196
200824-for-1 split, quota value of share changed from SEK 100 to SEK 4-100,000,00023,119,19624,119,196
2008Non-cash issue in connection with demerger of Cloetta Fazer99,900,000100,000,000999,0001,000,000
1998Opening share capital, par value of share is SEK 100-100,000-1,000



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