Insourcing Insource and perform production or operations that previously was handled by an external party
Outsourcing Outsource production or operations to an external party that previously was handled in-house


DSI (Digital Sentimental Index) Tool that measure brand’s digital presence
NPS (Net Promotor Score) Tool that continuously measures various aspects of customer and consumer experience linked to profitability, loyalty and recommendation
Brand extension New products or design within a brand
Line extension New flavors and sizes of a brand
EMV Retailers’ own brands

Collaboration in sustainability

WCF (World Cocoa Foundation) Manages a range of programmes aimed at increasing the cocoa farmers’ incomes and promoting sustainable cultivation.
Caobisco Supports International Cocoa Initiatives, for example through the development of control and certification systems for cocoa production.
RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) Is committed to promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil worldwide.
FN Global Compact UN initiative to make companies aware of and take active responsibility for ten internationally recognized principles in the four areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-corruption.
Chokofa A Swedish industry association that contributes contacts, expertise and projects in which Cloetta takes part
FNLI The Dutch Food Industry Federation
VBZ Association of the Dutch Bakery and Confectionery Industry, the Netherlands
AIDI Italian Confectionary Industry
IBC Italian Branded Products Industry
ISA International Sweeteners Association, Italy
ETL Finnish Food Industries’ Federation
DI Danish Chocolate and Confectionery Industries
Choprabisco Belgian industry association
HSH The Federation of Norwegian Commercial and Service Enterprises


Grocery trade For example the major supermarket chains
Service trade For example petrol stations, service and convenience stores, kiosks etc.
Travel Retail For example shipping companies, charter airlines and airports

Certifications and framework

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Standard to ensure product safety and quality
ISO 9001 A quality management system, ie, a collection of standards that covers a company’s quality processes, ranging from how to answer the phone to how to avoid malfunctions. A management describes how to continuously improve and adjust their operations to meet customer needs.
ISO 14001 A collective name for the standards about environmental management. These standards create an environmental management system that can be easily integrated into existing operations and to facilitate the work and provide a working model for continuous improvement.
OHSAS 18001 A standard that helps organizations in a systematic manner to achieve a good work environment. The standard also encourages businesses to integrate their work environment in a management system that also includes the quality and environmental governance.
HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) A standardized method of work which describes how to systematically map, assess and control hazards in food production with a view to food must be safe for the consumer. It may be microbiological, chemical, allergenic and physical hazards.
GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) A network-based organization that has developed a framework for sustainability reporting. The framework is based on the principles and indicators that organizations can use to measure and report their economic, environmental, and social behavior.


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