The history of Ahlgrens bilar

Ahlgrens bilar – the history of a Swedish classic

The year was 1885 and the place was Gävle. In this small Swedish city, a driven entrepreneur named Fredrik Ahlgren was out for a walk, thinking about buying a paint and wallpaper business together with his brother Adolf. Little did he suspect what lay ahead some 100 years into the future.

The Ahlgren brothers took the step and soon enlarged their assortment with products like perfume, shoe polish, ink and laundry soap. In 1908 they launched a mouthwash with the melodious name of Läkerol, and just one year later they succeeded in manufacturing the first Läkerol tablets. This was quickly followed by two Swedish classics on the candy shelf, Pim Pim and Ako, and several other well known products were launched thereafter.

For most genuine car enthusiasts, 1953 stands out as a milestone in human history. This was the year when the first mass produced Ahlgrens bilar car-shaped foam candy rolled out of the factory in Gävle, under the greatest of secrecy. Most of the factory workers were gripped by this momentous occasion, and stories spread throughout the community about these strange and wonderful automobiles in shades of pink, green and off white.

Today, Ahlgrens bilar is the worlds’ top-selling car by far. And despite their somewhat low resale value, new generations are continuously discovering their beautifully timeless design, their tasteful profile and their position as the number one classic in the world of automotive sports.

Over the years, several delicious varieties have been introduced. For the bold driver there are sour sugared cars – to steer this machine you need to proceed cautiously and never let your tears make you speed blind. The hottest model is salt liquorice. With its sharp flavour, it gives the concept of burnout a whole new meaning and has the soft and supple road handling that is characteristic of Ahlgrens bilar. But this souped up salt liquorice is not for the Sunday driver! And there are naturally also highly prized original parts for Ahlgrens bilar – Tyres. These tyres have terrible braking performance, as their delicious flavour makes it impossible to stop them.

All of the cars and parts offer the same soft comfort of tasty foam that has been the hallmark of Ahlgrens bilar since 1953. There is only one way to stop them – in your mouth!


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