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Whistleblower function

Cloetta wants to address any possible misconduct in its operations and therefore operate a whistleblower service that affords Cloetta employees and other statutory required people the opportunity to report concerns about conduct that is not in line with the company’s values or ethical principles. Cloetta prefers that your name is put to a report as it becomes much easier to handle reports and Cloetta’s employees are encouraged to contact their manager. If you feel unable or uncomfortable to openly disclose the information, Cloetta offers an opportunity to report your concerns anonymously. All reports are treated confidentially.

Reports and personal data part of the reports is only handled by key persons or individuals in management positions and only processed in accordance with applicable laws.

You can report, whether anonymous or not, using the Whistleblower service, use the link to access it

Link to Cloetta’s Whistleblower policy.