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All of Cloetta’s factories are certified according to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, an international standard that outlines requirements to manage product safety, integrity, legal compliance and quality, and the operational controls in the food industry. To support and facilitate compliance with BRC and EU regulations, Cloetta has also developed its own Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Manual, aligned and updated with the best reference standards in the food industry, which is being implemented in all factories.

We have seven factories and we also use third-party suppliers for part of the production. External production is only outsourced to manufacturers with the same high-quality standards that are applied to production in Cloetta’s own factories. External manufacturers are evaluated and tested regularly.  

The backbone of Operations is the Cloetta Leading Performance Program (CLPP) with the vision to create the Perfect Factory. The aim of the program is to create a trustworthy, engaging and sustainable environment in which people feel empowered to deliver improvements. This programme improves efficiency, reduces waste and leftovers, and create increased flexibility and capacity in the factories. The programme involves improving operational excellence, and strategic investments to modernise the factory network.

We have a central management system to ensure standardised working methods in our operations. Each production unit has a locally adapted management system that is linked to the central system. Central policies, goals and procedures are broken down and implemented at a local level. The management systems cover health and safety, environment, quality and product safety. These systems are based on the international standards BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, ISO 14001, SMETA as well as Rainforest Alliance and RSPO for recurring risk assessments and continuous improvements. The core of these standards aims to improve the business process performance and its expected outcome.

Production by factory in 2023

Total 101,354 tonnes

Factory location Certifications
Levice, Slovakia Rainforest Alliance, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, IFS Food, RSPO, SMETA
Ljungsbro, Sweden BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, ISO 14001, RSPO, Rainforest Alliance, Koscher
Roosendaal (Spoorstraat), NL BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
Turnhout, Belgium BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, ISO 14001, SMETA
Roosendaal (Borchwerf), NL Rainforest Alliance, RSPO, IFS, GMP and BRC global standard for Food Safety, SMETA
Sneek, NL IFS, GMP and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and ISO 14001, SMETA
Dublin, Ireland BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and ISO 14001, SMETA