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Taste panel

Cloetta’s Taste panel

Cloetta Sverige AB offers the possibility for some people to participate in a taste panel. Members in the taste panel are given the opportunity to influence the creation of Cloetta’s new products. Cloetta sends out product samples to the members who then evaluates the products from a sensory perspective and gets the opportunity to give improvement suggestions. The following terms and conditions apply to those who want to become members in the taste panel:


As a member of Cloetta’s Taste panel you are not employed by Cloetta. Every opportunity for participation counts as one assignment. Cloetta has no obligation to invite you, and you have no obligation to participate.

If you are employed by a competitor to Cloetta, or if anyone in your family is employed by a competitor to Cloetta, you do not have the right to register to the taste panel. Cloetta’s competitors are (but not limited to) Fazer, Tom’s, Mondelez, Orkla Mars/Wrigley, Nestlé, Ferrero, Perfetti, Haribo, och Lindt & Sprüngli.

Members may only register once in the taste panel. Cloetta may control that the information you state is correct. Cloetta has the right to, with immediate effect, exclude members who, based on their registered information, are duplicates, has a relation to one of our competitors, or has given the wrong information.

Both you and Cloetta has the right, at any time, end your membership of the taste panel. If you do no longer wish to participate, please email us at

Booking, confirmation and conducting surveys

When we have one or more products that we need help with evaluating we will contact members of our taste panel. We will reach you via the contact details you provided us with, normally via e-mail. You will always receive a notification if you are chosen.

It is voluntary to participate in all surveys. If you register and are invited to participate you are asked to undertake the survey by yourself, without the influence of other people. Through this agreement, you give us a free and irrevocable right to use the answers to the survey questions that you provide to Cloetta for the purposes determined by Cloetta.


If you participate in a study, you will in most cases receive an incentive. The size and the type of incentive will be stated at invitation or confirmation.


Usually you do not need to prepare for your participation. If you’re participating in a taste-test it is good to ‘rest’ your taste buds beforehand, we recommend you to refrain from smoking and consuming other types of tobacco, or eat spicy food and drink one hour before the test.

What are you not allowed to do during a test?

It is not allowed to:

  • Take phots of the products
  • Share information /photo about the products you have tasted in social media or other channels of communication

Allergens and other dietary requirements

It is your responsibility to decide on what type of products you cannot consume due to religious, moral or other reasons. At invitation we list which allergens the ingredients have, and if they are suitable for a certain diet or not. We can produce a list of ingredients if you are unsure. Although we have a list of ingredients we cannot always answer questions about production methods for specific ingredients, for example. If you cannot /do not want to participate in a test due to the contents of a product, you will not get an incentive.

Keep information about products to yourself

The products you receive as a member of the taste panel could be new products that Cloetta deliberates on whether to start selling, or changes in the recipe of current products. Information about non-public products is sensitive for Cloetta and may have an effect on Cloetta’s business. It is therefore important that you do not share information about the products you receive as a part of the taste panel or comment on the products to family and friends.

Personal information

To be able to administer your membership in the taste panel we will need to process your personal information. You can read more about our processing of personal information in the PDF below.