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Cloetta has a strong position in the Swedish market and is the market leader in confectionery, chocolate bars, chocolate bags, pastilles and Pick & mix.

sweden mixed productsThe leading brands in Sweden are Läkerol, Malaco, Gott & Blandat, Ahlgrens bilar, Kexchoklad, Polly, CandyKing, Juleskum, Plopp, Sportlunch and Nutisal.

Cloetta has a long history in Sweden, which began in 1873 when the Cloetta brothers established themselves in Malmö, and thereby became the first factory-based producers of chocolate in Sweden. In 1885, F. Ahlgren’s Technical Factory was founded in Gävle, which launched Läkerol in 1909. In 1934, a factory specialised in licorice started in Malmö, which later became Malaco.

Both Cloetta and Läkerol hold the prestigious position of purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court.

In Sweden, Cloetta has approximately 650 employees working at the Group’s head office in Stockholm, at the Swedish head office in Malmö, within the sales organisation, and at the factory in Ljungsbro.

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