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Cloetta holds a leadership position in the Norwegian market with number 1 position in sugar confectionery and pastilles.

Norway popsLeading brands in Norway are Läkerol, CandyKing, Malaco, Ahlgrens Bilar and Pops.

Cloetta has a strong heritage in Norway with a number of well-known brands. Back in the late 1800s established the Cloetta brothers a factory in then Christiania (Oslo) in Norway.

In 1912 Läkerol was introduced in Norway and is still one of the leading brands in the market.

Cloetta is together with Mondelèz one of the international players with a strong presence in a market that is otherwise dominated by local players.

In Norway, Cloetta employs about 30 people in the commercial office in Høvik and the field sales organisation.

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