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Cloetta awarded Best IR Web and receives an honorable mention for quarterly reporting

For the third year in a row Cloetta was awarded “Best Investor Relations Website” among all listed companies on Nasdaq Stockholm. In addition, Cloetta also received an honorable mention for quarterly reporting.

The competition is organised by Kanton in cooperation with the Swedish Shareholders’ Association (Aktiespararna). Their motivation:

Best IR Web

“The company’s website is rich in content, lucid, well-structured and easy to navigate. It is characterized by narrative enthusiasm and pride in the company’s products. The texts are easily accessible and presented in a reader-friendly format. The design is simple but has a high visual impact. Photos, illustrations and diagrams are used generously. Films attract visitors and keep them interested. An information-packed and ambitious IR section is a natural part of the site, which maintains a high and consistent level throughout. The company receives 45 points of 47 possible and is the total winner by a full 13-point margin.”

Honorable mention for quarterly reporting

“The company’s clear and well-structured report communicates the most important information quickly and effectively. The CEO sets the tone in his objective, balanced and well substantiated comments. The report as a whole is characterized by a high ambition to give an account of the reasons for changes in sales, profit, margins, cash flow and financial position. The use of language, layout and typography contributes to making the report easy to read and effective for its purpose. With 23 points of 23 possible, the company has once again earned a ranking in the top tier.”

“Winning the price for best IR-web for the third consecutive year, demonstrates our ability to be at the top of all listed companies on Nasdaq Stockholm when it comes to online financial communication. In addition, we have also demonstrated that we are in the lead when it comes to financial communication in quarterly reporting”, says Jacob Broberg, Senior Vice President Corporate Communication & Investor Relations at Cloetta.

About the Award “Listed Company of the Year”

The competition Listed Company of the Year, organized by Kanton in cooperation with Aktiespararna, aims to promote exemplary financial communication among listed companies. It is the largest competition in Sweden in financial communications and the most comprehensive competition in investor relations. The competition consists of three parts where annual reports, interim reports and IR websites are reviewed for all companies listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.