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Cloetta awarded best Swedish corporate website 2017

Cloetta has been awarded best Swedish corporate website 2017 by Comprend webranking. Cloetta receives the award for the second consecutive year, thereby retaining the first place among Sweden’s 100 largest listed companies.

Comprend webranking examines each year what the business website target groups expect from the companies. In 2017, Comprend based the ranking of what more than 500 journalists, analysts, investors and job seekers think is important. 800 companies in the world, including the 100 largest listed Swedish companies, have been ranked.

Cloetta retains its position as No. 1 in Sweden on the web as a channel for the company’s digital communication.

Comprend’s motivation for the award 2017 best Swedish corporate web:

” Cloetta offers a simple and intuitive design composed by an effective top menu and a warming welcome page with all relevant banners. Moreover, the company presents itself with exhaustive information in the about us section. Financial-related information is well organised in its respective sections, making it easy to find. Archives, not only of press releases but also of financial information and CSR reports, are complete and updated with all information available to download. These and other aspects make Cloetta’s website a best practice example to be followed, in nearly every section.”

Jacob Broberg, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Cloetta:

” We are very pleased to be the company having the best webpage among Swedish listed companies for the second consecutive year. For several years, we have been working on being among the best listed companies in digital communications. This award confirms that our methodical work is delivering results “.

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Media contact

Jacob Broberg, SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, 46 70 190 00 33.