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Cloetta’s main markets

Cloetta’s main markets are the countries in which we have our own sales and distribution organisation, and include Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Germany and the UK.

Brand portfolio

Cloetta has a broad brand portfolio that has very substantial value and a strong position on the confectionery market in those countries where the company is active.

Ahlgrens bilar
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Ahlgrens bilar is a foam-candy that a large majority of the Swedish people love and enjoy – Sweden’s most bought candy bag!

The original taste and delicious design has been unchanged since 1953, when Ahlgren’s candy factory decided to try to produce marshmallows. The result was not as expected, instead it was small pieces of foam candy that resembled a car in shape. Sweden’s best car was born! New car models have been launched since then, in flavors such as salty liquorice and sweet & sour.

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Bridge is a generous mix of different kinds of coated chocolate and candy pieces, all in the same bag. Perfectly suited when you want to invite family or guests to a good time with something good. Here is something for everyone!

Bridge is a real classic that was introduced to the market in 1966. It is said that the candy bag was created when some employees at Nordchoklad played bridge during their lunch break. During the game they ate a mixture of the good products that was made in the factory, and one day someone came up with the idea to launch this mixture as a good mix bag.
A perfect mix of sweets to offer or eat yourself!

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With CandyKing we offer freedom of choice, turning ordinary moments to sweet and joyful occasions.

CandyKing was founded in 1984 and bought by Cloetta in 2017. Now CandyKing is the leading brand of pick & mix in the Nordic region and the UK. Cloetta is Europe’s largest supplier of pick & mix confectionery, with CandyKing as the main brand.

Our goal is to spread freedom of choice and unlimited taste sensations. So, for you to get the greatest possible freedom of choice and joy of taste we’ve invited some of our best friends to join us in our sweet world of CandyKing.

Whatever you prefer, it´s all in the mix, tailor-made by you, for the exact moment you’ve got in mind. ​So just Pick it, Mix it, Love it!​ That´s all it takes to make the day shine a little bit brighter.

And besides CandyKing’s standard assortment you can also find a more premium range within CandyKing – The premium mix, in selected stores and markets.

Find our more on our webpage and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration, news about coming products and competitions.

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Center is a wonderful Swedish classic that has been with us since 1941.

The round, filled pralines has a soft inner toffee layer with a taste of caramel and a slightly harder exterior that consists of good milk chocolate. Center is available in different sizes and is the perfect candy to share, and enjoy anywhere and anytime.

Center is the tasty roll in the centre of attention – just unroll a piece and enjoy!

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Chewits was launched in the UK in 1965 as a chew sweet.

The original flavours consisted of strawberries, black currants and oranges, which have now evolved into fruit salad and sour apple. Chewie Chewitsaurus is the brand’s mascot that stands for the brand’s value for both children and adults.

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Cloetta is the Corporate brand representing the whole company. Cloetta is the name and symbol of the oldest chocolate company in the Nordics, and is at the same time a brand with a very strong local heritage.

It is also the endorser brand for the chocolate category. As an endorser brand Cloetta builds the umbrella for the chocolate brands to maximise recognition and impact. For all other categories, the brand name is mostly visible on the packing of the products.

In the Nordics, Cloetta is closely associated with happiness, enjoyment and energy, and is one of the strongest umbrella brands on the Swedish market.

Choose right – choose Cloetta!!

The Jelly Bean Factory
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The Jelly Bean Factory offers 36 different flavors of jelly beans, made from 100 per cent natural flavors and fruit juices. They are free from gluten, gelatin, and nuts.

The Jelly Bean Factory was established in 1998 in Ireland. Every day, over 12 million gourmet jelly beans are produced at the factory in Dublin, packaged in a wide orange of playful formats. The most juicy, mouthwatering jelly beans on the planet.

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Jenkki is the market-leading chewing gum brand in Finland, where it was originally launched in 1951.

Since 1975 the brand has been sweetened with the dental innovation xylitol, and has thus become a smart tooth-friendly habit for Finns: as a breath refresher or an enjoyable treat after each meal.

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Cloetta’s Juleskum is the original that has become a natural part of the Swedish Christmas traditions. No Christmas without Christmas foam!

Cloetta Juleskum is an irresistible classic that has been on the Swedish Christmas tables since the 1960’s, and is constantly growing in popularity. The foam Santa’s are perfect to offer around Christmas and to eat when you want to get a little extra Christmas feeling. This year there will also be a new and exciting vintage taste in each limited edition in addition to the popular original taste.

Although Christmas foam is only sold around Christmas, it is the third best-selling candy bag in Sweden on an annual basis.

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Kexchoklad is a classic that has gilded everyday life for the Swedish people since 1938. With its three layers of crispy wafers and its delicious milk chocolate, Kexchoklad is one of Sweden’s most beloved chocolate products.

The classic grid pattern is well-known and there are almost no Swede who does not associate the squares and the yellow packaging with Kexchoklad.

Kexchoklad is an active and rewarding friend, who is happy to accompany you on the ski track, on the excursion, or on the exam. Kexchoklad has been seen in connection with a number of different sports and is well associated with an active lifestyle, especially in the Swedish mountains.

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The De Vries family started producing peppermint in 1902, and from 1922 under the brand name King.

Over time, the brand has evolved from a simple throat lozenge to a modern breath freshener. Since 2022, KING has been 100 years old and the brand has always been known for its iconic peppermint roll. Besides that, it still contains the same secret peppermint blend that makes KING loved by many Dutch consumers.


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Lonka is all about soft and delicious sweets made with passion and high quality.

Since the first Lonka factory opened in 1920 in the Netherlands, Lonka has been providing consumers with traditional favorites like caramel, fudge, soft nougat and chocolate. With Lonka products, consumers make their coffee and tee moment more indulging.

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Läkerol is a classic brand and the tastiest refresher for all occasions.

The first box was sold in 1909. Läkerol is available in a variety of flavours and is effective when you want to soothe your throat, refresh your breath or just fancy something tasty. Läkerol makes people talk.

Läkerol Dents / Läkerol DentaFresh
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Läkerol Dents/ Läkerol DentaFresh is the world’s first, in Finland market-leading and in Sweden and Norway new, xylitol pastille with 50 per cent xylitol, and is available in several flavours.

Take two tablets after every meal to stop acid attack and strengthen your teeth. Läkerol Dents is the most delicious way to take care of your teeth. Läkerol DentaFresh – a smart habit for stronger teeth.

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Malaco is a well-known brand and offers a wide range of products with something for everyone, big and small.

The name Malaco comes from the initials in Malmö Licorice Compani that was founded as early as 1934 as the first manufacturer of licorice products in Sweden. A lot has happened since then, and today Malaco offers more than just licorice. Today, the product range includes flavors such as sour, salty and sweet.
The wide range means that there is something for everyone, both big and small. Here you will find many well-known products such as Zoo, Jungle Roar and PimPim. It also includes Gott & Blandat, with a number of lovely mixed bags.

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Mynthon is the leading pastille brand in Finland, where it was launched in 1976.

“Fresh and effective” is Mynthon’s brand essence. The product range consists of hard and compressed pastilles in a variety of fresh flavors. In 2012, chewing gum was also launched under the brand.


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Nutisal is the Group’s nut expert as of 2014.

The business started in a shop in Beirut, Lebanon. There, back in 1948, a unique way of roasting without oil called ’dry roasting’ was developed. Nutisal took this technology to Europe and created a range of dry roasted mixes. Because no oil is used in the process, the consumer can enjoy the genuine taste of nuts.


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Parrots offers a wide range of high quality products with everything from nuts and licorice, to exotic dried fruits.

With Parrots, there is something for every occasion and our nuts are just as suitable for a cozy movie night as for cooking and baking. Mix as you like for your specific needs and enjoy your own favorite mix!

All Parrot’s products are free from palm oil and have Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa – a seal of quality for the work towards a better future for people and nature.
Parrots have been part of the Cloetta concern since 2017 and are currently available in Sweden and Finland.

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Plopp is a beloved classic that was launched as early as 1949. With its delicious and creamy filling it quickly became a Swedish favorite.

Today the range is wide, and Plopp offers a taste variation with a twist – always just as creamy and tasty of course! Plopp Original is one of the most beloved chocolate products with toffee filling, a classic that tastes just as good on the school desk as on the sofa.

Plopp is simply for those want to enjoy something really good, who enjoy a creamier experience, and simply want to enjoy a little longer!


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Polly are wonderfully chewy foam tops covered with a delicious chocolate flavor. The combination of a tempting chewy inside, and the taste of chocolate makes Polly so yummy that it is impossible to just take one.

Polly has been a Swedish favorite since it was launched in 1965. Polly thrives best in the company of good friends, but the delicious candy is also excellent when you’re on a car-trip, for coffee, or when you just want something sweet. The taste, texture and combination of foam and chocolate make Polly a unique treat that surprises.

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Red Band
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Red Band deliver fun, quality and pleasure with roots going back to 1928.

Since the start, the Red Band brand has built up a leading position in the Dutch and German sugar confectionery markets with a promise to deliver fun, quality and pleasure. The classic Winegum Mix, the original Drop Fruit Duo’s and Pret Mix are some of the well known products that are sold under the Red Band brand.


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Sportlife was launched in the Netherlands in 1981 as the first chewing gum in “blister” packaging.

Since the start Sportlife has been well-known within the refreshment category on the Dutch market. Sportlife is based on the brand essence of unexpected freshness with an international brand profile. In 2021 Sportlife Boost gum has been introduced and after this introduction, we moved on to a new category with our Sportlife Boost mints in 2022. With the launch of Boost, we are responding to today’s performance-driven society with functional ingredients, which creates new occasions.

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Sportlunch has a long history as it was launched as early as 1937 under the name “Mellanmål”. In 1996, the product changed its name and became the now well-known “Sportlunch”.

The delicious Sportlunch consists of crispy wafers interspersed with plenty of milk chocolate. The energy-rich content makes Sportlunch the perfect snack before or after training, or when you are hungry for something extra good. Quite simply a modern and sporty piece of chocolate that fits most occasions during the day.

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Tupla is an iconic chocolate bar hungering for adventure since 1960. 

Finland’s number one chocolate bar Tupla means ‘double’ and contains two chocolate pieces with unique taste and texture, giving you boost and roughness for your adventures. The Original Tupla is made of fluffy cocoa nougat that is covered with delicious milk chocolate, with a twist of saltiness and roasted almonds.

Tupla comes in different flavors and sizes. Available also as protein puddings and protein drinks under Tupla+.

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Venco was launched as early as 1878 and is the leading liquorice brand in the Netherlands.

Venco has ‘a passion for liquorice’ which is delivered in a wide range of unique, iconic and top selling items like chalk and honey liquorice. When Dutch think of liquorice, they think of Venco.

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Xylifresh was launched in the Netherlands in 1991 and is positioned as a dental chewing gum.

The chewing gum is sweetened with xylitol and contributes to the neutralisation of plaque acids which reduces plaque, which results in the prevention of cavities. This is included in an official statement from the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). XyliFresh offers great tasting refreshment and oral care that fits a balanced lifestyle.