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Cloetta is the second largest player in the Finnish market on packaged confectionary and market leader in Pick & mix.

Finland JenkkiThe top leading brands in Finland are Jenkki, Mynthon, Sisu, Läkerol, Aakkoset, TV Mix, Tupla and CandyKing.

The Group’s presence in the Finnish market dates back to 1899 when Helsingfors Nya Karamellfabrik’s suboffice was established in Turku. In 1928 the legendary Sisu pastilles brand was introduced; in the early 1950’s the current number one gum brand Jenkki was launched, and Tupla, the number 1 chocolate countline in the country, was first sold in 1960.

With almost 50 years of cooperation with Finnish and international researchers, is Cloetta in the forefront of developing xylitol products, widely recognised for their caries preventive effects. The Group’s health enhancing products include 100 % xylitol-sweetened chewing gum Jenkki Professional and xylitol-sweetened Läkerol Dents pastilles.

In Finland, Cloetta employs about 200 people in the office in Turku and field sales organisation.

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