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Mynthon Fresh Breath chewing gum freshens effectively

Breath refreshment is one of the main consumer needs for chewing gum. Mynthon Fresh Breath is developed to fulfill this need.

”Mynthon Fresh Breath is an effective, good-tasting chewing gum that freshens up one’s breath. Fresh breath is an essential part of social confidence.

This affordable priced novelty is available in grocery stores to be bought as easy as other daily personal hygiene items such as soap or tooth paste”, says brand manager Suvi Hyrsky.

Mynthon Fresh Breath meets Mynthon brand promise ´fresh and effective´ extremely well. It’s a smart alternative to functional products sold in pharmacies.

Mynthon Fresh Breath Gum has a very fresh menthol flavor and it’s active ingredient is zinc, which neutralizes sulfur compounds causing bad breath. Mynthon Fresh Breath xylitol chewing gum’s flavor is strong Aqua Menthol. Five Mynthon Fresh Breath chewing gum pieces fulfill the recommended daily xylitol intake for positive dental effect.