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Notice to holders of earn-out debt instruments – Final redemption

Final redemption notice

Reference is made to the earn-out debt instruments 2017/2019 with ISIN SE0009857949 (the “Instruments“) issued by E out instrument AB (“E out instrument“), of which you are a direct registered owner or nominee. Unless otherwise defined in this notice, all words and expressions defined in the terms and conditions of the Instruments shall have the same meaning in this notice.

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Instruments, the Holders’ Representatives have on 1 March 2019 approved E out instrument’s calculation of the Earn-out Payment. The total Earn-out Payment calculation amounts to SEK 146,501,488. The Earn-out Payment to be paid to the Holders (less payment to the seller of SEK 4,390,545 and less transaction costs of SEK 150,000) amounts to SEK 141,960,943 (the “Redemption Amount”), i.e. SEK 189,281 per Instrument will be paid.

In accordance with Clause 9 of the terms and conditions of the Instruments, E out instrument shall redeem the Instruments on the Final Redemption Date. The date on which the redemption will occur will be 15 March 2019 (the “Redemption Date”).

The Redemption Amount will be paid by E out instrument on the Redemption Date to Holders pro rata in relation to the number of Instruments held and will be distributed through Euroclear Sweden AB to Holders registered as owners of Instruments on the Record Date being 8 March 2019.

This notice is effective the same date as it is sent.

E out instrument AB

Box 6036

171 06 Solna


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