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Governance and organisation

The overall strategies for Cloetta’s sustainability work have been adopted by the Group Management Team and are controlled and monitored through business planning processes at several levels of the company.

The Board of Directors and President and CEO are ultimately responsible for Cloetta’s sustainability-related efforts and results. Cloetta’s Group Management Team has been deeply involved in developing A Sweeter Future. For each of the different sustainability initiatives there is one executive sponsor from Cloetta’s Group Management Team and sustainability is a standing item on the monthly agenda.

Cloetta’s sustainability work is overseen by the Sustainability Manager, who functions as a spokesperson for sustainability issues and is responsible for identifying prioritised topics. The Sustainability Manager is part of the Marketing department, working closely with the Marketing Director for Candy and Sustainability, and supporting the implementation of Cloetta’s sustainability strategy into the brands.

In addition, the company’s different business function leaders are responsible for the implementation of the sustainability agenda within their part of the organisation. Environmental and occupational health and safety managers are in place at all Cloetta’s factories, and report to the group Head of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE). With the support of Sustainability Affairs, Management is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness and relevance of the management approach to sustainability.