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Annual report 2016

Highlights of 2016

Q1 2016

  • Cloetta took over the pick & mix contracts for ÖoB and Bergendahls in Sweden.

Q2 2016

  • Lilian Fossum Biner was elected Chairman of the Board at the Annual General Meeting. A dividend of SEK 0.50 per share was paid out, representing 37 per cent of net profit.

Q3 2016

  • Cloetta was named “Listed company of the Year”. Danko Maras was appointed as Interim President/CEO after David Nuutinen resigned. A new loan agreement was signed and the senior secured notes were redeemed.

Q4 2016

  • Henri de Sauvage Nolting was appointed President and CEO, and took up duties on 15 February 2017. Cloetta decided on a new palm oil policy. Impairment related to Cloetta Italy of SEK –771m. The Board proposed a dividend of SEK 0.75.