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Cloetta accelerates global marketing investments

The iconic Cloetta pastille brand Läkerol is currently being repositioned and has received an updated visual identity and pack design, with “360” media campaigns across key markets. The support behind the Läkerol brand is part of Cloetta´s strategy to drive organic growth through increased media spend on the company´s key brands.

The Läkerol pastille pack has received a new design and communication platform. The new design brings a clearer branding, making it visually easier for the consumer to find and recognize Läkerol in the store shelf. With a stylish combination of modern and retro, the new boxes give a subtle approach with the aim to appeal to an even wider audience.

“- Together with the agency NORD DDB/ID, we have re-positioned the brand, now leveraging emotional values while enhancing the functional flavour benefits, and we have renewed the brand’s visual identity and packaging design. Our goal is to increase the attractiveness and clarity of Läkerol’s design language, while at the same time seeking to strengthen the brand’s heritage.”, says Thomas Biesterfeldt, CMO of Cloetta.

The relaunch exemplifies Cloetta´s Global marketing strategy “Building consumer centric growth”, with focus on accelerating marketing return on investment with increased focus on the largest brands of the Cloetta´s brand portfolio. Läkerol is one of the important global brands of Cloetta, originally sold in the Nordic markets, today growing in many markets such as the US and Asia.

Over the last 12 months Cloetta has increased the working media spend through efficiency gain, and now also stepped up the absolute spend making this relaunch the biggest media investment in Cloetta to date.

“- We are really pleased to see the result of our cooperation across all markets with one brand activation platform for Läkerol, moving away from working market by market. This step up of media investment will increase the strength of our Läkerol brand, which, over time, will contribute to profitable growth. The ONE Cloetta strategy of rapidly deploying knowledge across markets is critical for our success.”, says Henri de Sauvage Nolting, CEO of Cloetta.

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