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Cloetta and Fazer Confectionery to close joint warehouse in Norrköping, resulting in staff redundancies

The joint warehouse in Norrköping, which is now operated by Cloetta, is currently dimensioned to handle products from both Cloetta and Fazer. In connection with the demerger of Cloetta Fazer, an agreement was made between Cloetta and to continue the collaboration during a transitional period. This collaboration will be terminated with effect from 1 April 2009.

The above information was presented today at a staff meeting in Norrköping, where it was also announced that this change would result in some 10 redundancies. Employee co-determination negotiations have been initiated and are expected to be completed in the coming week. Cloetta will continue to operate its warehouse in Norrköping, but with a workforce adapted to the company’s current needs.

“I deeply regret having to take measures of this type that will affect many employees,” says Curt Petri, Managing Director of Cloetta. “Unfortunately, this step is necessary to adapt our operations to the existing conditions and Cloetta’s needs. The terminated warehouse collaboration with Fazer Confectionery will not affect our customers,” concludes Curt Petri.

For further information contact
Curt Petri, Managing Director, mobile +46 70-593 2169