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Cloetta awarded ”Listed Company of the Year” 2013

Cloetta is best in class when it comes to financial communication among the listed companies in Sweden. On Wednesday, Cloetta won the prize for “Best Annual Report”, thereby winning the overall award “Listed Company of the Year”, organized by Aktiespararna and Kanton.

After winning the award for “Best IR-web” and reaching the No. 2 position in the competition “Best Interim Report” Cloetta won the prize for “Best Annual Report”, thereby winning the overall award “Listed Company of the Year 2013”.

“As a result of the large changes Cloetta has implemented over the last few years, it has been important for us to develop our financial communication in order to increase knowledge of Cloetta as a company. The award “Listed Company of the Year” is definite proof that we have succeeded in doing so”, says Jacob Broberg, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications and Investor Relations.

Motivation for Listed Company of the Year 2013 Award

Thanks to an impressive improvement with 29 points compared to last year, Cloetta beats last year’s winner Axfood by 2.5 points. By winning “Best IR-web” and “Best Annual Report” and by coming second in “Best Interim Report”, Cloetta wins the overall award “Listed Company of the Year”.

Motivation for the Best Annual Report 2013 Award

Cloetta’s annual report sets a great example with contents that are well supported by different pictures and diagrams. The “Our Markets-section” gives a very clear picture of Cloetta’s position in the confectionary market and the annual report also contains a very comprehensive section on sustainability. By reaching 40 out of 41 points, Cloetta wins the overall victory in the competition “Best Annual Report”.

About the Award “Listed Company of the Year”

The competition Listed Company of the Year, organized by Kanton in cooperation with main sponsors Aktiespararna, Nordic Growth Market and CtrlPrint, aims to promote exemplary financial communication among listed companies. It is the largest competition in financial communications and the most comprehensive competition in investor relations. The competition consists of three parts where annual reports, interim reports and IR websites are reviewed for all companies listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm Large Cap, Mid Cap and NGM Equity.

Media contact

Jacob Broberg, SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, 46 70 190 00 33.