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Cloetta awarded “Listed Company of the Year”

Cloetta has been awarded “Listed Company of the Year 2017”, in the competition organized by Aktiespararna and Kanton. In total, Cloetta received the highest score in the three awards “Best IR Web”, ”Best Interim Report” and “Best Annual Report”, and the first place in the “Best IR Web” award.

The motivation for the award “Cloetta Listed Company of the Year 2017”

“Cloetta’s comprehensive financial statements are complemented by one of the top websites among listed companies, from which users can retrieve updated and historical information. With consistent, clear and full communication across all channels, the company describes itself and its value creation process and explains its external environment in a way that allows investors and other stakeholders to make well-grounded decisions.”

The motivation for the award “Cloetta Best IR Web 2017”

“Cloetta’s IR website is in line with the company’s other financial communications in terms of form as well as structure and content. Users intuitively find both the latest information and historical data. Together with well-organized layouts and robust descriptions, users easily find what they need to understand the company’s business, development and business environment.”

“Cloetta strives for high quality in our financial communication, as we are aware that this is important in order to be able to increase the understanding of the company. The fact that we once again became “Listed Company of the Year” is a good testament to us being able to maintain high quality in our financial communication, “says Jacob Broberg, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at Cloetta.

Listed company of the year is Sweden’s largest financial and investor relations competition. The purpose is to raise the level of ambition for public company information in annual reports, interim reports and on IR web sites. The competition was started in 1980 by Aktiespararna and has been arranged by Kanton with Aktiespararna as the main sponsor since 2007.

Media contact

Jacob Broberg, SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, 46 70 190 00 33.