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Cloetta launches candy containing 50% fruit

Cloetta’s fruit-based candy, which contains 50% fruit, is a major innovation for 2021 that has been launched across markets under the company’s existing local candy brand portfolio. The product delivers on key consumer trends and is an important part of Cloetta’s innovation strategy to drive organic growth and profitability within the Branded packaged product segment.

Consumers are increasingly looking for products with more natural ingredients and positive health benefits. However, it is challenging to develop a product that contains a high level of fruit yet meets the consumers’ expectations of candy. Fruit-based candy is a completely new type of product in the candy category and a result of long-term innovation and development work. The product, which contains 50% fruit and consists of natural colours and flavours, is vegan and has been developed in close collaboration with consumers to ensure the best result.

“The development of our fruit-based candy builds on important consumer trends such as increased transparency and a focus on more natural ingredients. It exemplifies Cloetta’s Choice for You- strategy, providing the consumers with a choice of products that caters to their different needs in different moments. We will continue to listen to consumer preferences as we innovate new products”, says Thomas Biesterfeldt, CMO of Cloetta.

Cloetta has developed the fruit-based candy to fit several different local brands to enable a cross-market launch and thereby capturing the benefits of scale. The innovation adds to previous launches such as Kexchoklad Vegan, Gott & Blandat 30% less sugar as well as the use of natural sweeteners in the products.   

“Product development is one of the key drivers for the strength of our brands. Fruit-based candy is a result of our focus on fewer but bigger innovations and part of our strategic agenda to introduce margin-accretive products. Disruptive innovations are critical for our future success and will, over time, contribute to profitable growth”, says Henri de Sauvage Nolting, CEO of Cloetta.


Nathalie Redmo, Head of IR and Communications, +46 766 96 59 40