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Strategic priorities

Cloetta is a proud provider of joyful moments – our brands and products bring fun and joy to memorable occasions. We are convinced that our consumer focus is the basis for Cloetta to grow and our brands to flourish. We will meet the future as a united organisation – One Cloetta – with a winning culture and passionate way of working.

Cloetta aims to strengthen its position as the leading confectionery company in Northern Europe within the candy, chocolate, pastilles, chewing gum and nuts categories as well as in the Pick & mix segment. Our aim is to grow 1–2 per cent organically, which is in line with or better than the market, on our core markets as well as to deliver fast growing international sales through the expansion of selective brands. We will continuously develop new innovative offerings and strengthen the e-commerce focus. Furthermore, we aim to achieve an adjusted EBIT margin of at least 14 per cent, by recovering the impacts from Covid-19, including volumes and value within Pick & mix as well as profitable growth and product mix within Branded packaged products. In addition, we will continue to drive cost savings and efficiency activities throughout the entire value chain.

For more information see our most recent Annual report.

Cloetta’s strengths

  • Strong leading local brands.
  • Core markets in stable Northern Europe.
  • Strong European leader in Pick & mix.
  • Scale benefits in Northern Europe versus local competition.
  • Route-to-market scale in core markets.
  • Locally tailored innovations.
  1. Growth leadership in Branded packaged products

    We have a clear strategy for growth for Branded packaged products which focuses on both the core operations and the group’s strong brands, well positioned to respond to the growing consumer trends demanding local brands and innovative offerings with a conscious and sustainable approach. As branded packaged products have an EBIT-margin above the Group average, this segment is important for Cloetta to be able to reach its long-term profitability target. We will also continue to recover the mix within the segment to secure strong profitability.

  2. Sustainable value within the Pick & mix business

    Pick & mix is an important consumer market as it goes hand in hand with underlying consumer trends such as individualism and sustainable pack-aging. The segment is also of importance for our customers as it increases in-store traffic and impacts our ability to sell other categories. From its strong market position Cloetta has good opportunities to develop the category and thereby drive profitability and growth with the ambition to reach an EBIT margin in the range of 5–7 per cent in the medium-term.

  3. Lower costs and greater efficiency

    Cloetta needs to invest to continue to grow. This includes both increasing marketing investments for Branded packaged products as well as adapting to changing consumer and customer demand. Cloetta’s efficiency programmes, together with strengthened corporate culture and processes in One Cloetta, are important drivers to improve the overall profitability which allows future investments.