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Juleskum vintage flavor 2015 – Clementine

For anyone not from Sweden, Juleskum may not be a familiar name, although this candy is also quite popular in both Denmark and Norway.

Juleskum has a fluffy, foamy texture and looks like a small pink-and-white Santa Claus. The taste is unique and fruity, and is synonymous with Christmas in Swedish households.

Back in 1934 Cloetta started manufacturing the predecessor to Juleskum and in the 1960’s the product started looking more like the one we sell today. In order to meet customer demand for Juleskum, this candy is one of the earliest seasonals sold in Sweden and is available in stores as early as the beginning of October!

In 2014, 232 million Juleskum Santas were produced! Despite being available for only a limited period of time around Christmas, the original bag is the fifth most sold candy bag in Sweden on an annual basis.

In addition to the classic product Juleskum Original, since 2011 it has become a tradition for Cloetta to release a new vintage flavor every year. This year’s limited edition comes with a flavor of clementine.