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Plopp now as milk chocolate tablets in four flavours

Plopp launches new milk chocolate tablets in four flavours. Cloetta´s playful chocolate classic has found delicious and well-known “taste friends” like Djungelvrål, Gott & Blandat and Kexchoklad. Perfect for yourself or someone you care about!

Plopp is a Swedish classic, launched in 1949, loved by many for its good milk chocolate and its sweet liquid toffee filling. Plopp now invites more brands into its portfolio in a playful and friendly manner. The launch consists of four milk chocolate tablets with real favourites and “taste friends” from Cloetta’s candy and chocolate portfolio. Next to a pure milk chocolate tablet you will find three variants where the chocolate is mixed with delicious pieces with taste of Djungelvrål, Gott & Blandat and Kexchoklad.

“Within Cloetta, there are many favourites that Swedes love and when we now launch Plopp chocolate tablets, it feels natural to combine these favourites with tasty milk chocolate. It’s like bringing together a group of friends – if it’s good and fun, it’s right! ” says Anna Bartholf, Marketing Director Cloetta Sweden.

The chocolate tablets are produced in Cloetta’s factory in Ljungsbro, Sweden. As part of Cloetta´s efforts to create a more sustainable product range, the new chocolate tablets contain UTZ-certified cocoa and are free from palm oil.