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Our sustainability agenda A Sweeter Future focuses on creating joy and long-lasting value For You, For People and For the Planet.

During 2023, we continued to progress on our sustainability agenda by focusing on more vegan products to reduce climate impact and intensified efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We improved our data collection for Scope 3 emissions and structured our initiatives to accelerate the reduction of Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Additionally, we initiated a double materiality analysis to comply with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and published our first Transparency Act report on human rights and labor practices. 

As a signatory participant of the UN Global Compact since 2009, we support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), both directly and indirectly through our work in our three pillars. As a fast moving consumer goods business with a global value chain we have chosen to focus on the following six Sustainable Development Goals; Gender Equality (#5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (#8), Responsible Consumption and Production (#12), Climate Action (#13), Life on Land (#15) and Partnerships for the Goals (#17).

Our Agenda

Reflecting the most important topics to our stakeholders and where Cloetta can create the most economic, social, and environmental value, our three pillars demonstrate where we are able to make the Power of True Joy come to life.

Read more about this in Cloetta’s latest sustainability report, which is part of our Annual and Sustainability Report.


For you

When it is time for life’s sweetest moments, Cloetta delivers the best. From the most indulgent sweets to healthier treats, Cloetta is always innovating to bring joy to all tastes.


Our consumers are at the center of our business, which is why we work towards meeting their diverse needs, but also ensuring safe, high quality, transparently labelled and trusted products.


  • Offer sugar-free, less sugar and options with functional ingredients
  • Offer more vegan options
  • Supporting dental health with our xylitol products
  • 10 %

    Non-sugar and less sugar products

  • 37 %

    Vegan candy

For people

In the world’s sweetest business, making a real impact is the key. From local communities to employees, farmers and societies, Cloetta strives to provide joyful moments, prosperous working lives and responsible involvement.


Taking care of the people involved in our products extends beyond the walls of our factories and offices. Engaging in partnerships and collaborating with organisations allows us to support farmers and improve living conditions throughout our supply chain.


  • Continue to work towards zero work-related accidents
  • Cloetta engagement survey to be in line with the global benchmark by 2025
  • All Cloetta markets running a purpose-driven community engagement initiative by 2025
  • Maintain existing partnerships and initiate a new collaboration to improve living conditions in our supply chain by 2025

Lost time incident rate (LTIR)

*Number of injuries causing at least 24 hours of absenteeism per million hours worked per year.

For the planet

A healthy planet is the source of all our ingredients – and securing true joy for the future. We make sure to use resources efficiently, lower our climate impact and work towards our science-based target.


A healthy planet is the source of all our ingredients – and all true joy. Climate action, sustainable sourcing, and less and better packaging are our three main priorities in improving our footprint. Within these, we work towards improving the environmental performance of our suppliers, assessing topics like biodiversity, energy usage, waste, and emissions in our own operations but also in our supply chain.


  • 46 per cent absolute greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2030 compared to 2019 base year emissions
  • 100 per cent recyclable packaging by 2025
  • 100 per cent packaging from renewable sources or recycled materials by 2030
  • Engage all key suppliers to set their own emission reduction targets by 2025
  • With palm oil-based vegetable oils continue to source 100 per cent RSPO certified segregated palm oil
  • Maintain 100 per cent Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa

GHG emissions
tCO2e (Scope 1,2,3)