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Cloetta’s sustainability work enhanced

Cloetta’s goal is to build long-term sustainable values by growing as a company while at the same time ensuring that both people and the environment are positively impacted.

Cloetta’s sustainability commitment is focused on three central areas; greater well-being, reduced environmental impact and sustainable sourcing. For all prioritized areas, there are action plans, targets and key ratios in place.

Cloetta’s Sustainability Report 2016 shows that most of Cloetta’s environmental-related key ratios during the year have improved or remained unchanged compared with previous years.

In order to enhance our communication about sustainability issues, the year’s sustainability report has been reviewed by the auditing firm KPMG. As it is our ambition to meet international standards, our sustainability report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) guidelines.

Cloetta Sustainability Report 2016 can be downloaded in the Document list below.