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Enabling living income


Bridging the gap for cocoa farmers: The Living Income Module Project

Approximately 87 per cent of cocoa growing households earn less than a living income in the Ivory Coast, a country producing much of the world’s cocoa. Building better livelihoods for farmers is critical to create a world where people and nature thrive together.

Innovative collaboration

Cloetta is participating in a two-year project driven by the Rainforest Alliance, to test a tool that helps companies pay the living income gap directly to cocoa farmers.

Direct payments to farmers

This tool will use block-chain technology for transparency and traceability on the Farmer Connect platform. With the tool we can calculate, send and track payments going straight to the farmer. This is one way we hope to create thriving rural communities for the farmers, helping to alleviate poverty and thus reduce the occurrence of child labour as well as improved environmental agricultural methods.

Increasing transparency & value

The Rainforest Alliance’s Living Income Module Project addresses two problems: the low income of farmers and the value distribution in the cocoa supply chain. Through this tool we’ll test new solutions to these challenges. First, by providing a direct transfer option to adjust the cocoa farmers’ income. Second, by enabling companies to trace their progress in eradicating the living income gap. Read more about the project at